Meet the President

President Richard

Dear Awesome Exchangites!
Our primary goal this year is to earn the Outstanding District Award, which includes the following three areas:

Program Excellence

  • At least 50 percent of clubs in district received the National
    Service Award.
  • At least 50 percent of clubs in district conducted child
    abuse prevention projects.
  • Achieve district membership increase of two percent,
    including new clubs, we would like to see at least 20 new
    members in the district.
  • Achieve a net increase of one new club in district.
  • Regularly publish a district bulletin, at least four times a year.
  • Create and maintain a district website or Facebook page.
    By earning the Outstanding District Award we will accomplish our tangible goals, but
    we also have intangible goals that will touch each member and each club and build momentum
    for the future, those are:
    From a member perspective:
  • each member becoming more active and involved,
  • each member mentoring new and less active members, and,
  • each member frequently recommending their club to others.
    From a Club perspective:
  • each club improving the quality of their touch points,
  • each club improving the impact and reach of their projects, and,
  • each club building a greater community profile

    Touch Points for Exchange
    The Exchange membership experience is about connecting with other Exchangites for professional and personal growth and service to others. We try to create that experience by providing "Exchange Touch Points." What are "Touch Points?" Simply the breadth of club activities, experiences,
    and projects across all Programs of Service that comprise
    the heart and soul of the club's life. An Exchange Touch
    Point can be any Exchange experience that enhances member
    engagement and commitment to the club and Exchange

    Members join Exchange because they want to get involved,
    get to know other fellow club members, form personal
    relationships, volunteer their time in meaningful ways
    for their communities, feel like they are making a difference,
    have their families become connected to other Exchangite
    members families, and use their professional and personal
    skill sets and talents to help themselves and the club. We
    believe Touch Points accomplish all these.

    Kind regards,
    Jeff Bushnell
    District President